Sanctifying Adoption

There is a multifarious matrix of needs and vulnerabilities in adoption and the system cannot be adequately reformed without due consideration of this. Most child welfare and legal experts agree that the rights and needs of the child should come first but policy and the law often ignore the unique circumstances and complex challenges facing […]

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The Tickle Only Her Biological Momma Can Give — Waiting for Baby Bird

If you are a prospective adoptive parent and cannot even begin to approach the process with this sort of heart, please stop. Seek out therapy, seek out God but don’t seek out a child unless you can put the child first, no matter how badly you may want one. Read this beautiful story and learn what adoption is really supposed to be.

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Sharp Practice II

Don’t orchestrate such a diabolical act that you raise the hackles of mothers across the globe and don’t engage in subterfuge so inhumane that you outrage even the usually disinterested.

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Sharp Practice

if the law was meant to provide protection for anything it certainly was not to provide cover for shamefully immoral acts. And it was especially never intended to hide the deeds of those using sharp practice and subterfuge to snatch loved and wanted infants.

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Stay Tuned

Thank you.  Thank you from the bottom of my weary heart.  As those of you who follow my other blog know, I have spent the last ten months on three continents shuffling my family to and fro while trying to do good works and deal with many challenges. I’ve been waiting for that gift of […]

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The Divine Right of Kings

Part I Some would immediately dismiss the concept of the Divine Right of Kings as having zero relevance in today’s social or political environs.  A seemingly antiquated term, the Divine Right ostensibly belongs to an era of the less enlightened and brings to mind historical figures like James I or Henry the VIII who wielded […]

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In Search of Woke

This weekend is an open house of sorts at the United Nations in Geneva (UNOG) and the kids and I will spend our obligatory two hours there.  Later that evening, we will be attending a party at the lovely home of some colleagues where there’s sure to be a gaggle of kids for our trio […]

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My First & Last FAQ

I’m not exactly a prolific blogger and never intended to be but wow — answering correspondence related to my blog has become more time consuming than I ever imagined.  Forget those three blog posts setting in draft status or writing about the weekend jaunt to France, for the first time I have fan mail!  OK, […]

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